Molly Bryck

Saturday Kids Class Teacher

Molly Bryck is a Manhattan based potter and ceramics teacher. She teaches children’s classes and private lessons at Mugi Pottery. She sells her work on commission, on Etsy and at Mugi, and her pottery has been featured several times on Epicurious. Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Molly received her B.A. from Barnard College where she studied Visual Arts and Art History, concentrating in functional ceramics. Valuing simple creature comforts, domestic spaces, and the intersection of art and utility, Molly works to create simple yet elegant functional vessels that become a part of daily life. You can see her work at and

Joshua Schlachet

Josh found his passion for ceramics after years of traveling and collecting when he picked up a book by the Japanese gourmand and potter Kitaoji Rosanjin, who inspired him with the idea that to open up your kitchen and "show your true hospitality to your guests, everything on the table must be of your own hand." He joined Mugi Studio in 2011, and he tries to bring the rustic, earthy feel he found in Japanese pottery back to his home in New York.

Josh spent the past year in Tokyo and the historic pottery town of Mashiko, Japan throwing pots with the Waseda University Ceramics Club and training with British potter Steve Tootell. He joined the ceramics staff at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Summer 2016 and currently teaches Adult Classes and Introduction to the Potters Wheel at Mugi. When Josh is not on the wheel, you can find him and his work at the Grand Bazaar craft market and on Etsy at The Nourishing Kiln.

Ivan Samuels

I am an native New York City clay artisan and teacher that creates functional wheelthrown vessels on the pottery wheel. I have taught adult wheel classes and facilitated clay workshops at Mugi Pottery Studio over the past four years. Yet I have been an affiliate of for thirteen years! My approach in teaching has been engaging interest in the understanding of functional clay projects for the novice to intermediate levels.

My time spent studying and honing my craft at the Mudflat Clay School in Boston, MA, has been a major influence on my journey as a potter, craftsmen, and instructor. This journey has presented opportunity for me to share my love for clay and exhibition in the northeast region. I have featured ceramic work at galleries and craft events in New York City, Boston, MA, and Richmond, VA.

Valerie McMorris

From earliest childhood, Valerie McMorris has immersed herself in the world of Fine Arts and Performing Arts. Drawing, Sculpting, Music, Color and Design were her favorite starting places as a child and have grown into a lifetime of expression, passion, projects, productions and shows.

Valerie enjoys working in theatrical production as well as performance and fine arts. She incorporated and ran her own small Opera Company based in NYC during her early 20’s. Valerie also worked in other creative capacities including window design in NYC, dabbling in fashion design & buying for a large Italian clothing franchise as well as jewelry design.

Valerie first arrived to Mugi Pottery studio in the Fall of 2008, working primarily with Margot Hardwood. Though Valerie studied and practiced sculpting using clay as a medium, this was her first opportunity to throw pottery on the wheel.  And it opened a limitless variety of ideas.
Pottery offered Valerie a quiet creative space to clear the mind. And the process was extremely rewarding.

Valerie is inspired to bring other facets of her artistic ability to pottery and likes to experiment with color and design as well as form and structure.  She enjoys focusing on classical forms but leans towards a modern expression in her own work.

As a teacher, Valerie focuses on inspiring others to explore their own creative ideas and encourages students to find their unique voice in the world of ceramics utilizing form, function, textures, carving, and multiple glaze processes.
Valerie enjoys teaching throwing and hand building to both children and adult classes at Mugi Pottery Studio in New York City.

Valerie’s pottery has been sold at Mugi Pottery Studio in NYC, the Pence Gallery in Davis California, as well as on Etsy, and at local markets and fairs in the NYC area.

Instragram:  Clayfulpottery

Heidi Sellack Golan

Heidi has been working with clay since the age of fourteen. She began teaching pottery to children in 1991, while living in Israel. Her experience also includes working with autistic children, senior citizens and selling her work at local markets and fairs. Concurrently, Heidi, participated in continuing education in ceramics for seven years at Tel Hai College in northern Israel.

In 2005, Heidi returned to New York City, and came to Mugi Studio. She has been working as an Associate and teaching children's classes and presently adult classes as well. Her goal for her students is to help them learn the techniques to produce pots they can be proud of, while enjoying the process, regardless of the outcome.

Heidi has a B.A. in Educational Studies from Empire State (SUNY); an AAS degree in Graphics and Advertising from Parsons School of Design, and a Certificate in Art Therapy from the New School for Social Research.

Outi Putkonen

Outi's own bio is coming here! As the owner of Mugi Pottery, she has been so busy scheduling classes, looking over Mugi's new website, and organizing and going on workshops that she is still putting on the finishing touches of her bio! Meanwhile, learn more about her here.