Outi Putkonen 

OWNER & Teacher

Outi is the incredibly talented potter and passionate smile and heart behind Mugi Pottery. 

As a potter, I am not interested in production pottery. I much prefer exploring the process in a less result oriented context. Becoming a potter to me meant embarking on a journey, destination unknown and not important. On this journey, I must remain open minded, observant and humble in order to explore the possibilities and ideas that present themselves through our environment and nature. I need to be intuitive and respectful of my heritage, experience and sense of aesthetics instilled by my surroundings, upbringing and education. Pottery making is a very technical craft, through diligent practice, repetition and perseverance I have begun to grasp the layers of skill and understanding required to make a proper pot. In the potter’s craft, I need to be humble to accept the challenges and embrace them as a learning opportunity rather that an obstacle and discouragement. As a potter I am forced to focus in present time, I can’t think about yesterday or plan my tomorrow while working. The process requires a quiet and a calm mind, hands and eyes working together in order to execute an abstract idea into a tangible object.

Jenny Beech

Studio Staff & Teacher

Jenny Beech is an emerging ceramic artist who recently joined the Mugi team. She first discovered her love of pottery as a freshman at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. After graduating from Montgomery Blair, she attended the University of Massachusetts - Amherst for two years before transferring to Towson University. Jenny is currently in her last year at Towson, and will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics. While at Towson, Jenny earned two Towson University Foundation scholarships for her work. She focuses primarily on wheel-thrown pottery, and strives to make her pieces unique and innovative through the addition of texture and color.

Website: www.jennyfirepottery.com
Instagram: @jennyfire_pottery

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Molly Bryck


Molly Bryck is a Manhattan based potter and ceramics teacher. She teaches children’s classes and private lessons at Mugi Pottery. She sells her work on commission, on Etsy and at Mugi, and her pottery has been featured several times on Epicurious. Originally from Amherst, Massachusetts, Molly received her B.A. from Barnard College where she studied Visual Arts and Art History, concentrating in functional ceramics. Valuing simple creature comforts, domestic spaces, and the intersection of art and utility, Molly works to create simple yet elegant functional vessels that become a part of daily life. 

Website: mollybryck.com
Etsy: bryckceramics

Jeannine Carson


Jeannine's sojourn with ceramics began in 1997 with her first pottery class at a small studio in New York City. She fell in love with the medium, and continues to have her hands in clay to this day at her  pottery studio in Long Island City. My formal education in the arts includes a BFA with a concentration in painting from Hunter College. She currently teaches weekly adult ceramic wheel classes, at two  local pottery studios in NYC. 

She feels her greatest asset is her natural-born curiosity.  She enjoys attaining new insights, and  always look for new experiences. She claims, “my greatest teachers are my students whose question motivate me to learn new skills and therefore, drive me towards accomplishing  my best work.  My painting and ceramics portfolio may be viewed at www.jeanninecarson.com  Instagram JeannineCarsonClay or purchased at www.etsy.com/shop/JeannineCarsonClay

Website:  www.jeanninecarson.com
Instagram:  JeannineCarsonClay
Etsy: JeannineCarsonClay


Amber Chong

Studio Staff & Kids Teacher

Amber is a 21 year old multidisciplinary artist whose work spans from painting, photography, and embroidery to ceramics. She is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, where she first began working with clay and became fascinated by experimenting with different firing techniques, especially raku. Since then, she has moved to New York to attend Barnard College and is currently a junior, studying sociology and education. She has taught pottery classes on Orcas Island and at Mugi Studio. To Amber, the art of making ceramic pieces is as joyful and fulfilling as the art of teaching others how to create their own.


Abigail Regner

Studio Staff

Abigail Regner graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art in ceramics from the University of Colorado, Boulder in the spring of 2019. For two years she worked as a studio assistant for local Boulder ceramic artist, where she contributed to the production of work and business administration. Through her education, Abigail has refined her skills in wheel throwing, hand building, slip casting, formulating glazes, and firing kilns at multiple temperature ranges and atmospheres. For the past eight years, Abigail has been practicing ceramics, and is currently interested in experimenting with texture by layering bas-relief, text/line, and glaze to create dynamic surfaces on clay.

Instagram:  artofabiegual/



Alex Reynoso

Studio Staff

Alex is a Harlem native born to Dominican/ Puerto Rican parents. A true perfectionist virgo when it comes to his craft. At 13yrs old he taught himself how to crochet from YouTube and books. His entrepreneur spirit quickly turned his new passion into a business by opening an Etsy shop in 2011 and vending at street fairs.

Currently going to school for ceramics and running his online business. All yarn and hand knits are created in his NYC apartment. Most of the wool in the shop is milled, grown and of course dyed in the US.

Website: www.alexcreates.us
Instagram: @alexcreates

Heidi Sellack Golan


Heidi has been working with clay since the age of fourteen. She began teaching pottery to children in 1991, while living in Israel. Her experience also includes working with autistic children, senior citizens and selling her work at local markets and fairs. Concurrently, Heidi, participated in continuing education in ceramics for seven years at Tel Hai College in northern Israel.

In 2005, Heidi returned to New York City, and came to Mugi Studio. She has been working as an Associate and teaching children's classes and presently adult classes as well. Her goal for her students is to help them learn the techniques to produce pots they can be proud of, while enjoying the process, regardless of the outcome.

Heidi has a B.A. in Educational Studies from Empire State (SUNY); an AAS degree in Graphics and Advertising from Parsons School of Design, and a Certificate in Art Therapy from the New School for Social Research.

Valerie McMorris


As a teacher, Valerie McMorris helps others to explore their own creative ideas and encourages students to find their unique voice in the world of ceramics - utilizing form, textures, carving, hand building as well as wheel throwing and exploring multiple glaze processes. Valerie enjoys teaching pottery and teaches both throwing and hand building to children and adults at Mugi Pottery Studio. Valerie also teaches pottery at the Carter Burden/Leonard Covello Senior center.

Valerie is inspired to create and loves the medium of pottery. She first arrived at Mugi Studio in 2008 and enjoys the community feeling of the studio and of her classes. She is fascinated with the play of clay; how it feels to throw, sculpt and manipulate pieces. Valerie brings all facets of her artistic ability to pottery and likes to experiment with color and design as well as structure and form. She likes to manipulate classical ceramic forms with an innovative twist- creating a modern flavor in the final product.

Ms. McMorris enjoys working on the production side of theatre as well as performance and fine arts. She incorporated and ran her own small Opera Company based in NYC during her early 20’s. Valerie also worked in other creative capacities including Fashion Design and Buying for a large Italian Clothing Company, window design in NYC, as well as beading, sculpting and jewelry design. She also owns her own small Consulting business.

Valerie has immersed herself in the world of Fine Arts and Performing Arts throughout her lifetime. Valerie earned a Bachelor of Music with additional focus in Fine Arts from the NC School of the Arts. She received grants and scholarships for further post graduate education in Europe.

Ms. McMorris's pottery has shown and sold at Mugi Pottery Studio in NYC, the Pence Gallery in Davis, CA. and she sells at local NYC Markets/ fairs and from her own website: www.Clayfulpottery.shop

Website: www.Clayfulpottery.shop
Instagram:  Clayfulpottery


Raquel Zenaida Muslin

Tech/Social Media Consultant & Teacher

The Artist:
As an artist and human I have a love for green materials, recycling and enjoy manipulating my materials to mimic nature. My glass work uses recycled glass to create organic forms that toy with your desire to touch what you know is dangerous even though it is beautiful. My ceramic work nods to my love of nature and my multi ethnic background.  I sell my work by commission, on Etsy and at Mugi, and my pottery was recently featured in US Weekly 2018.  I'm an award winning exhibiting artist always looking to take on new endeavors and partnerships.

The UX Designer:
My background is in technology, sculpture, and psychology. I enjoy working on solving designs problems before it goes to market or redesigning based on user feedback and client issues. I'm a UX Designer because I like solving problems. I get frustrated with bad design in the digital and physical world and innately want to redesign it. Using UX strategies and methodologies I can deconstruct the project, research issues and trends, and create user centric designs with the clients goals in mind.

Website:  raquelmuslin.com
Instagram:  RZMDesign
Etsy: RZMDesign